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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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August 17, 2005

A new book has been sent to our reviewer, LT, who is familiar with the Victorian Era. The book is set in 1892 in London, England and is a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

The title is : The Final Solution - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery and the author is :
Walter J. Harmidarow. The publisher is LTDBooks and this was released in April, 2001.

The ebook is currently available at for those who are interested in reading it, prior to reading the review that will soon be published by LT.

July 21 2005 - Received a request to review a script for a comic book or graphic novel based in ancient Rome (about Julius Caesar's famed tenth legion). This is being evaluated by our reviewer and will post details as soon as this has been accepted for review.

Update : Per reviewer, this is much more complicated and requires more work before a thorough evaluation can be posted. However, script seems extremely interesting per reviewer. Only completed works or works almost ready to publish will be featured after a review, provided the reviewer is satisfied.

July 27 2005 - Received request for review of a book set in the 19th century. Being reviewed by publisher to determine if this meets Submission Guidelines

Update: Rejected as the book contains few historical details and is therefore not really a work of historical fiction

Aug 02 2005 - New work of historical fiction has been submitted to our reviewer, Skarr One. The title is : Woman of Stone ; Author : Debra Tash. This is available as an ebook at and as a paperback edition on the publisher's web site or at

Update: A review has been published on the main site (Aug 03 2005) and will be featured until at least Aug 10, 2005 or longer, depending on when the next review is completed and published on the main review site.

Link to author's site - Debra Tash

Link to publisher's site - Zumaya Publications


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